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Tick Season and Lyme Disease

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

If you have ever heard that there are no Lyme disease cases in Arkansas, that is a hotly disputed issue. According to the and the there are reported cases in the state of Arkansas and Missouri. Of concern for NWAR is the case numbers in MO and that it is doubtful that ticks care about state borders and neither do their hosts. We are in a Lyme prone area.

I have treated patients with diagnosed Lyme's Disease who have ongoing symptoms of arthralgia (joint pain), chronic low grade fevers, tremors, and other sometimes debilitating symptoms that can be attributed to the effects of the bacteria that infects from the tick bite.

For those of us who like to hike and bike in the many woody trails here in northwest AR, we need to protect ourselves and prevent tick bites. Also for persons and families whose homes are located in tick prone areas.


Two great resources for choosing a tick/mosquito repellent :, or

I use REPEL deet free. It works, is highly rated and comes in a pump spray that so far has not leaked in my pack, pocket or dry bag.

Don't let ticks bite! Prevention is best. One step into the brush or trees and you are tick bait. There is more than Lyme disease to be concerned about.

Check out this website for the list of diseases that ticks carry.


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