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"Most pain is derived from muscles and supportive tissues that are too tight or too loose...As such, there are times we need to relax and unwind and times we need to strengthen and toughen up."

           ---   Dr. Janice LaBrie

Health is a state of mind.  When you think healthy thoughts about yourself, others, life in general - every cell in your body benefits from that positive input.  It is possible to replace negative thinking patterns with positive thoughts.  From my experience, and recent research findings,  this is the most important factor for improving  health outcomes.  
                          ---Dr. LaBrie



   I began my practice in health care as a massage therapist in 1991 working with chiropractors and physical therapists.  I chose to be a doctor of chiropractic (DC) because of the level of education and the whole body approach to health.  I graduated 2000 and continued training for acupuncture and received a fellowship in medical acupuncture (FIAMA) in 2003.  With my training and years of experience, there are health issues you may have that we can help solve. 



    You are a person seeking solutions to your pain and/or health issues. I am a chiropractor and acupuncture practitioner. At Horizon Health Center we come together, discuss your problems, your health history and other pertinent info and come to a diagnosis (identify the nature of your condition). Now we formulate a plan, creating the proper conditions for resolving your health issues. 

   Natural health care utilizes the self- healing mechanisms of the     body to regain normal function. Just as a cut can heal and a bone can mend, many health issues can resolve with the right treatment.  The three main  spheres of influence that keep us healthy are our:   ⚪ structural alignment  ⚪ energy equilibrium  and ⚪ biochemical balance.

    Physical injury, severe mental stress, or a chemical imbalance due to dietary or medication effects, can cause a disruption to these mechanisms.  Correcting structure using chiropractic adjustments and muscle balance technique, calming the energy/nervous system with acupuncture, and correcting biochemical disturbances with supplements and dietary adjustments is how we help you return to health. You want relief, improvement, change. We help get you there.


"The more efficient our movement, the more energy we have."   A balanced body conserves energy and allows for more ease     as opposed to dis-ease." 

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Using needles to improve health conditions may seem strange but when you experience it, you feel the shift from the alarm mode of your nervous system to the calm and creative mode. The self-healing mechanisms of the body are enhanced by the stimulation of the needles. A drug-free, deep relaxation results from the acupuncture treatment.  Headaches, back aches, joint pain, depression, tension, and anxiety are all treatable without drugs.  Combine acupuncture with chiropractic alignments and proper nutrition and it is possible to reverse many health problems whether from injury, illness or chronic stress.

I wrote a booklet about acupuncture that is available at the Center.  Please come by and pick one up to get answers to questions that have been needling you.

The word chiropractic literally means to adjust by hand. For assessing muscle tension, misaligned vertebrae and joints, the sensitivity of human hands are ideal. When you have pain, stiffness, or other abnormalities, you want experienced hands to examine and fix the problem. I check range of motion to assess joint health, test muscles to further asses areas of pain, stiffness or weakness, and take note of your posture, then palpate to feel abnormalities in tissues.  This type of hands on investigation allows me to get to the root of your pain and resolve the cause of the pain.  Most of my patients prefer manual adjustments, but for those who do not, I use an instrument. Releasing the tissues (muscle and fascia) that affect the area to be adjusted is an essential part of  treatment.  

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  The main job of muscles is movement.  The function of fascia is containment. Fascia is the skin of all tissues in the body. It creates passageways, space and separates different elements so they can function properly.

 The tone of the body can be described as a balance of these two forces.   Myo-Fascial Manipulation (MFM) takes into account these forces and what tissues need loosening and what needs strength and increased tone.  MFM also improves flow of fluids (blood,  lymph and others).   


An apple a day might not be enough to keep the doctor away.  Every cell in your body is affected by what you ingest and how you digest.  Make it count towards your health, not take away your health.  If you are confused about what to eat and what vitamins you may or may not need, we can take a closer look.  Many medications can cause nutrient depletions, antibiotics cause gut issues, certain foods cause inflammation, et cetera.  Many times the solution is simple and easy to implement.  

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