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No Magic Bullet

There is no magic bullet.  There is no souped-up supplement that can supply all of your nutritional needs.  Stop trying to keep up with each new trend in the vitamin world; that gets expensive and complicated.

Stick with Dr. LaBrie's Core Four Program to cover all the basics, without overlooking the essentials.

If you are taking medications, you will need to know what nutrient depletions may occur with these drugs and also which supplements may interfere with the action of the drugs you are taking.  Dr. LaBrie can provide answers to help you obtain the optimum nutrition for your body's specific needs.

                                        Get what you need, 
                                                    no more, no less, 
                                                                at Horizon Health Center.

Special Supplements for Special Needs

ADR Formula:  promotes healthy adrenal function which helps the body deal with stress.

CoQ10: a necessary component of cellular energy; it is an essential nutrient for those on statin drugs.

Joint Optimizer: supports healthy joint function and comfort with glucosamine and anti-inflammatory herbs.

Iodine: essential for normal thyroid function; treats hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency.

MemoryPro: supports the brain; can improve memory and cognitive function.

relaxes restless legs; reduces muscle cramps; hebal combination known for its anti-anxiety effect.

Sinuplex: inhibits the manufacture and release of histamines; supports healthy sinus, nasal and lung tissue.

        These are just a few of the many formulas available at Horizon Health Center to meet your
        special needs while supporting Dr. LaBrie's Core Four Program for optimum nutrition.